Banned Or Nerfed Vehicles

1.0 - Car’s before the year 1965 are not allowed.

1.1 specific car’s under temporary ban. Note, this is still under investigation but these cars must be used in this restriction for all official use.

Honda S2K CR 795PI

Lotus Elise 790PI

1.2 A.*Fortune Island* specific Nerf’s 

AWD must be no more than 790PI

1.2 B. *Great Britain* specific Nerf’s FWD must be no more than 790PI

1.3 Rear Tunable Aero is ALLOWED on ONLY Cars that fall under this championship: Classic sports car’s

(240z , 2000GTR , etc.) 

1.4 any vehicle that belongs under the following ” championship“ is impractical/not allowed

Van’s and utility, Classic racer’s, Cult cars (besides 510 datsun, gremlin x, xj-s)

Rods and custom’s, Extreme offroad, Sport utility hero’s , Offroad buggie, Vintage racers, Truck’s, and Offroad.