What are districts?

Districts are six groups of teams in the Forza Stage leaderboard. Working similarly like alliances Each district has a home course, and a king. Which is highest team placed on the leaderboard belonging to its own district

How did it start?

 The first official FS tournment ends, it will decide the kings by the top 6 team leader‘s of the tournement. They will be the kings of the course they have selected in order. 

How do i join the leaderboard with my team?

Conact a district king or an admin. Once you have joined you are entitled to offiical leaderboard challenges and races. You also belong to the district you applied to making that district your home course.


No you will not be able to be removed from a district unless authorized by an admin.

Nobody can take over a king besides team’s that fall under there own king’s district.

If the district king loses to a team thats on another district nothing happens besides normal leaderboard rules where team will advanced past the losing team. 

Nobody gets kicked off or removed from district. 

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