FH4 Leaderboard Season II


1. Black Diamond Racing

CONTACT: AMS Sandman63

Home District: Kiiro

2. Murasaki Racing Club

CONTACT: SilentDrifter19

Home District: Murasaki

3. International Racing Society

CONTACT: Tugabalu

Home District: Kiiro

4. Midnight Hashiriya

Home District: Gunsai

5. Blackout!

Home District: Aka

6. DDS

Home District: Ao

7. Project T


Home District: Kurayami

Home Courses:

All teams on the leaderboard in Forza Stage will have home courses. These are the routes that you will be driving on. Each course will have an inbound/uphill (regular/normal direction) and an outbound/downhill (reversed direction). Teams are required to have a home course. This is because you will be more likely to win on that course, as you’ll be more familiar with it, and will have more understanding of the course than your rival teams, which ultimately means you’ll be able to defend your position on the ladder.

Each course has a record time, which is set by any driver that belong’s to Forza Stage. This time will have to be verified by a Race Admin, and they either have to witness this time being set or see video proof submitted by the driver.

Here is an example of a home course belonging to one of the Forza Stage Districts.