FH4 Leaderboard Season II

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Forza Stage Season II

Forza Stage is trying to bring some rework to the table to tackle issues previously discovered from Season 1. We plan on bringing new ideas that will keep the leaderboard flowing properly. Season II will consist of:

1. Leaderboard Placement Tournament is similar to the first one that took place in 2018 but it will take place in a short 3 week series of races on each original FS courses. More information to come.

2. The Classic style FS leaderboard climb. 12 team slots and the climb to number one.

3. Forza Stage Playoff Division I. After the classic leaderboard settles it will come to a final date. After it has ended the Playoff Division will take place. The highest 8 teams on the leaderboard will participate in a Playoff Season for the championship.