Forza Stage is now using a 'self-hosted' method of running tournaments, instead of having multiple lobbies run by race admins. Follow this guide step-by-step when participating in any forza stage tournament



Before the tournament's scheduled start, make sure that you are signed up to the Challonge event. The Challonge link can be found in the #tournament-discussion channel of the Discord. If unsure, ask a race admin for the Challonge link for the tournament that you are participating in.



Once the bracket goes live (shortly after the tournament starts), you will need to find your tournament seed. This is a number that appears next to your Gamertag on the bracket which will determine whether you are leading or chasing. The lower the number, the higher the seed (For example, Seed #1 is a lower number than Seed #2, so therefore Seed #1 is the higher seed).

In Forza Stage tournaments, the higher seed will always set up the event and will always lead.



Assuming you are the higher seed, you will need to set up the event if the tournament is taking place in the winter. Make sure you are in a Horizon Session, then invite your opponent to the game. Once your opponent is in the game, you will need to go to the right event on the world map. The correct event name (followed by the event type in brackets) can be found in the Pinned Messages of the #fh4-rivals Discord channel.

In the case of the lower seed, you will be invited to the game by your opponent. If you have not received your invite, be sure to remind your opponent via an Xbox or Discord message. If you still do not receive your invite, contact a race admin.



Once you have found the right event and you have fast traveled to it, press the Select button to 'Enter Event' and then select the 'PVP' option. When the 'Invite Players' popup appears, select 'My Convoy'. From here, go to 'Custom Events' so you can find the appropriate blueprint for your race.

Once in 'Custom Events', press the Select button to view the 'Search' page. From here, enter the course Title and Creator. Once entered, confirm search and select the correct blueprint in the results. From here, select your chosen car to set up the event. Your opponent should join this event as soon as it has been set up.



Once the event has loaded, the higher seed needs to take the lead with the lower seed following close behind. Both drivers start a 60 roll to the first checkpoint. Once you have passed the first checkpoint, the race has begun and both drivers are free to accelerate, however the chasing driver is not allowed to pass until the second checkpoint.



Once both drivers have passed the second checkpoint, passing is allowed. Once the race has concluded, if a clear winner is determined (i.e if the leading car finishes with a gap bigger than three car lengths ahead of the chasing car, or if the chasing car finishes first), the winner progresses to their next opponent, and the loser moves to the losers bracket (or is eliminated from the tournament if it is a single elimination tournament. If the distance between both participants is smaller than three car lengths, then the event must be restarted until a winner is determined.

If there is a dispute between both participants as to who won, this needs to be taken up with a race admin. Make sure to provide a recording of the race or else you will be forced to restart the race.

If you are having difficulties following this guide, feel free to request assistance from a race admin at any point during the tournament.