Leaderboard Rules and Restrictions


1. Vehicle Build Restrictions

1.1 - RWD and AWD must be A class with a maximum PI of 800 and FWD must be a maximum PI of 790 unless otherwise stated.

1.2 - Forza edition and Horizon edition vehicles are banned.

1.3 - Drivetrain swaps are banned.

1.4 - Rally engines, V8, V10, and V12 swaps are banned.

1.5 - Drag and Rally tire compounds are banned.

1.6 - Builds are limited to front tunable aero ONLY. Rear tunable aero of any kind is banned unless otherwise stated.

1.7 - Race admins reserve the right to prevent you from using a car if it is deemed impractical or inappropriate.

1.8 - Official race admin Document. all official events must be referred here. - 


1.9 Click button below for Banned and Nerfed Vehicles 

2. Battle Rules

2.1 - All drivers must adhere to the Racing Etiquette at all times during battles.

2.2 - Leaderboard battles have an uphill race and a downhill race, not particularly in that order. If one team wins both the downhill and uphill, they are the winners. If one team wins the uphill and the other team wins the downhill, a tiebreaker race must take place. This will be the winner of the uphill going against the winner of the downhill.

2.3 - The direction of the race depends on if the uphill or downhill winner is from the defending team. If the defending team’s driver won the uphill but lost the downhill, the tiebreaker will take place on the uphill and vice versa.

2.4 - Simulation damage must be ON for all drivers participating in the race. Damage may be reset between rounds.

2.5 - All races should follow the Cat n Mouse format. The defending team will always be leading.

2.6 - A race admin must be present for each race. Race admins cannot be a member of either team as they will judge the outcome of each race.

2.7 - Restarts are allowed under the condition that both teams and the race admin agree.

2.8 - Contact is allowed, however excessive bumping is not. If the contact heavily affects a driver, the race may either be restarted by the race admin or counted as a forfeit, depending on the severity of the offense.

2.9 - Lag issues are expected and usually will result in a restart, however in severe cases, if a driver's lag issue disrupts the race heavily, it will result in a forfeit and the driver with said lag issue will be asked to improve their connection before racing with Forza Stage again.

3. Racing Etiquette

3.1 - All drivers must be respectful when driving. While accidental contact is allowed, drivers will be punished for overly aggressive maneuvers.

3.2 - Drivers are allowed to make a move to defend their line. During an uncontested pass, the defending driver must hold their line to allow the chasing driver to pass. If the chasing driver's rear axle is ahead of the leading driver's front axle, the chasing driver has the right of way and the defending driver must yield the line.

3.3 - All forms of shunting/bumping are not allowed, including brake checking. Brake checking may result in a forfeit. The chasing driver must still allow room to brake when following the leading driver, or brake earlier than they usually need to in order to avoid an accidental shunt. If an accidental shunt occurs, the chasing driver must allow the leading driver to correct their line and continue the race. The chasing driver is not allowed to overtake in this situation, and must give the position back to the leading driver.

3.4 - In the case of a driver coming off of the road due to their own error, they must always check behind them before rejoining the race. If the chasing car is going fast enough to overtake the leading car coming back onto the road, the leading car must first allow the chasing car to pass.

3.5 - Drivers should only pass when it is safe and the chasing driver has a clear opportunity to do so. The chasing driver should only take the inside line into a corner when their front axle is next to or past the leading driver's rear axle. Forced passes such as forcing an inside line and 'dive-bombing' are not allowed.

3.6 - Cutting, which refers to a driver putting four wheels off the road in order to take a quicker line, is not allowed. Drivers must make every reasonable effort to stay on the road, and must not go off-road unless by accident or if they have a genuine reason to. Understeering off-road by accident is acceptable but drivers must reduce their speed before coming back onto the road and, if applicable, must allow for the defending driver to pass (if they are within a reasonable distance to do so).

3.7 - The race admin's word is final and must be adhered to at all times. If the race admin instructs a driver to do a certain action, such as to allow for a chasing driver to pass or to restart a race, drivers much oblige. The result of the race, in the case of a close, debatable finish, is determined by the admin and must not be argued.

4. Livery rules

4.1 - All cars must display their team decal on their car. The location of the decal is up to the driver, however it is limited to the front bumper, back bumper, bonnet/hood and sides.

4.2 - No alcohol or tobacco branding or depictions, and no depictions of illicit drugs.

4.3 - No offensive or otherwise inappropriate depictions or designs. This includes both imagery and text.