Murasaki Line

This course is located in the Astmoor area. These high speed turns and curves can be deceiving to most drivers. Elevation plays a crucial role on Murasaki line.

Kings of the district:

Best time on Murasaki Line:

2:30.684 Set by Twan McLovin R33

course preview

Start and stop positions



Downhill starts at the sign shortly after the speedtrap

Downhill ends at the uphill starting sign

Time Attack: 

Start: 60mph rolling start to the starting sign

End: Same sign as the uphill starting point



Uphill Starts: At this road sign displayed in the photo above

Uphill end: At Downhill starting sign

Time Attack instructions below

Start: 60mph rolling start to this sign

End: Same sign as the downhill Start Shortly before the speedtrap

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