FS Reputation List

Leaderboard and Points System Explained

Players will register their team of 4-8 drivers. Once on the board, your team leader may challenge an opposing team up to two positions ABOVE your team. 


7. Black Diamond Racing 28

8. Retro Wave rep points 23

9. Team Rotari 18

10. NightTech 16

11. UTM 13

NightTech may challenge Retro Wave or Team Rotari if no challenges are already in progress but may not challenge UTM or BDR due to their positioning on the board. 

-You cannot go below 0 points.

-New teams will be started 5 points behind the team at the bottom of the board.

How the points work:

Winning a race: +5 points for winning team

Losing a race: -3 points for losing team

Upon being challenged you must choose a course to race the opposing team on.

There will be one uphill and one downhill unless a tie breaker is needed.

The team with more points leads, but the team with less points may lead if both drivers agree to it.

The Forza Stage Leaderboard, Challenges, and Team Etiquette

The Forza Stage leaderboard system could be compared to Street Outlaws' List or NFS Most Wanted’s blacklist, however instead of individual drivers, it will be focused on teams. If one team beats another team, the winning team will move up and the losing team will move down. The concept is simple, however the points system will be explained below.

Teams may challenge any other teams within two positions above them.

Any team that wishes to enter the ladder will start from the bottom, 5 points behind the lowest team. They do not have to beat the lowest team to ‘gain’ a spot, a new spot will be opened for them. (E.g. If there are 25 teams on the leaderboard and a new team is formed, the new team will become number 26). 

In order to gain a spot on the Forza Stage leaderboard, new teams must register using the Team Application Form found at the bottom of this page, which will then be reviewed by staff.

In order to climb up the leaderboard, a team must challenge other teams up to two positions ahead of them. The team that was challenged is responsible for choosing which course the battle takes place on.

If a team is challenged by the team below them, they must accept the challenge in order to defend their position. If the defending team declines, fails to schedule the battle within 7 days, or does not show up, the team below will automatically gain 5 points and the defending team will lose 3.

Both teams will work together to find a suitable date and time for the battle. Teams are also responsible for ensuring a Race Admin is available to admin the battle.

Any official battle that counts towards the Forza Stage leaderboard must be administrated by a Race Admin. Race Admins are responsible for overseeing battles, enforcing battle rules, and declaring a winner.


Teams must be reasonably active on the leaderboard for the purpose of accepting challenges.

All teams must have 4-8 drivers, no exceptions. 

No one person is allowed to be on more than one team at the same time.

No team hopping will be allowed. Leaving a team for any reason (including kicking) will be recorded by staff. Drivers will have to wait two weeks to race for a new team after leaving their old one. Wait time may be changed upon a decision from staff.

Each team can acquire a temporary replacement or backup driver from the Free Agent category. This can happen no more than three times.

The 7 day deadline for challenges will begin on the nearest Saturday as drivers may not be available to race throughout the week.

A team may postpone races for one week under certain circumstances (IRL). This action requires the acknowledgement and approval of a staff member.

Battles and Race Etiquette

There will be one uphill race and one downhill race. The first team to secure one victory on both the uphill and the downhill will be named the winner. If one team wins one race, but the other team wins the other, a tiebreaker race must take place. The undefeated member of the defending team will choose the uphill or the downhill for the tiebreaker race.

Simulation damage must be ON for all drivers participating in the race. Damage may not be reset until a round is finished.

All races will follow the Cat and Mouse format, with the defending team leading.

If the chasing driver is within three car lengths of the leading driver, the drivers will switch positions and run the opposite direction. If the chasing driver overtakes the leading driver, the chasing driver is declared the winner of the round. If the distance between the chasing driver and the leading driver is greater than three car lengths, the leading driver wins. This distance must be agreed upon by both teams.

If a car crashes, the race may be restarted. Each team has one restart per battle. Both teams as well as the Race Admin must agree.

Contact is allowed, however excessive bumping is not. If the contact heavily affects a driver, the race will be restarted. This counts towards the other team’s restart count. 

Cutting corners is not allowed, however two-wheel dips and understeering off the road are allowed. Taking corners wider to gain an advantage (e.g. using grass for better exit) will count as cutting. If a driver cuts a corner, the race is restarted and the team that cut the corner will lose their restart.


Drivers must show that they are obeying car specific nerfs before and after battles. This includes showing tire compound and PI.

Team Registration