The Forza Stage Classic Blacklist, How does it work?

The leaderboard/ladder could be compared to Street Outlaw’s List or NFS Most Wanted’s blacklist, however, instead of individual drivers, it will be focused on teams. If one team beats another team, the winning team will move up and the losing team will move down. The concept is pretty simple however there is more structure to it:

-Each team can only challenge the team directly above them, so if a team is ranked at #3, they cannot challenge #1 and must challenge #2

-Any team that wishes to enter the ladder will start from the bottom. They do not have to beat the lowest team to ‘gain’ a spot. A new spot will be opened and that will be where the new team resides (For example, if there are 25 teams at that point in time, the new team will become the 26th team). 

-In order to enter Forza Stage, the teams must register on the Team Application form, which will be reviewed by administrators

-If a team wishes to rank up, they have to challenge the team above them, and the race will take place on the challenged team's home track unless both parties agree to a different course (more explanation on this later). For example, if the 26th team challenges the 25th team, the 25th uses their home course.

-If a team is challenged by the team below them, they must accept the challenge in order to defend their position. If declined, the team below the challenged team will gain the challenged team’s spot (for example, if the 26th team challenges the 25th team and the 25th team declines, the 26th team becomes the 25th team and the previous 25th team becomes the new 26th team)

-Both teams will agree to a set time and date, and if the defending team does not show up without any notice, the challenging team will gain their spot. The race may be postponed if agreed by both teams

-The result of any race will be reviewed and decided upon the Race Admin. Any official race that counts towards Forza Stage must be administrated by a “Race Admin“


-If a team is challenged, and they do not respond to the challenge within 1 week, the challenging team automatically takes their position (For example, if the 26th team challenges the 25th team, and the 25th team doesn’t respond, the 26th team becomes the 25th team and the previous 25th team becomes the new 26th team)

-Team’s must be reasonably active on the leaderboard for opposing challenges.

-All teams must have a max roster of active drivers to start the process of joining the leaderboard.

-No team hopping will be allowed:

Getting kicked, disbanding, or leaving the team will be recorded by administrators. If you leave a team, you must wait 2 weeks before joining a new one. You are not allowed to race the first upcoming race for a new team once joining after leaving another. Wait time may be changed upon decision from admins if necessary.

-Each team can only acquire a temporary replacement/backup driver, no more than 3 times. This may be a driver from the same district or from the Free Agent category.

- If a team is challenged during Mon-Fri, and if both teams agree to race on the current upcoming weekend they may. If not they must race the next weekend or during the week if they wish.

-Teams may only postpone races one week after the discussed race date; this action requires the acknowledgement and approval of a staff member.



-There will be an uphill race and a downhill race, not particularly in that order. If one team wins both the downhill and uphill, they are the winners. If one team wins the uphill, and the other team wins the downhill, a tiebreaker race must take place. This can be either: 

The winner of the uphill going against the winner of the downhill.

A set of time attack runs. The defending team will set a time either before or during the whole event and then the challenging team has to beat it in one run/one attempt

The direction of the race depends on if the uphill or downhill winner is from the defending team. If the defending team’s driver won the uphill but lost the downhill, the tiebreaker will take place on the uphill and vice versa.

-Simulation damage must be ON for all drivers participating in the race. Damage may be reset between rounds.

-All races should follow the Cat ‘n’ Mouse format, with the defending team leading.

-A distance must be marked at the finish of the race; if the chasing car is within this distance to the leading car or has overtaken the leading car, the chasing car wins. If the distance between the chasing car and leading car is greater than the marked distance, the leading car wins. This distance must be agreed upon by both teams

-If a car crashes, the race may be restarted, but each team has one restart each (per race, not each round). This is decided by the race admin, and both teams must agree. Race admin has final decision.

-Contact is allowed, however excessive bumping is not. If the contact heavily affects a driver, the race is restarted. This counts towards the other team’s restart count, for more information check our leaderboard rules. 

-Cutting corners is not allowed; however 2 wheel dips are allowed and understeering off the road is also allowed (do not confuse with taking the corner wider than you should, which also counts as cutting). If a driver cuts a corner, the race is restarted and counts towards the restarts of the team that cut the corner. 


-In every touge battle. after each round finishes (as soon as you stop racing, no later than 30 seconds), both racers have to press start and go to vehicle stats and show both stats bars and the 0 to 60 and 0 to 120 mph stats, as well as their settings to show Simulation Damage is on. Doing so ensures that nobody is violating build rules and everyone is racing within regulations.

Leaderboard Rule’s

Home course

Home Courses:

All teams on the leaderboard in Forza Stage will have home courses. These are the routes that you will be driving on. Each course will have an inbound/uphill (regular/normal direction) and an outbound/downhill (reversed direction). Teams are required to have a home course. This is because you will be more likely to win on that course, as you’ll be more familiar with it, and will have more understanding of the course than your rival teams, which ultimately means you’ll be able to defend your position on the ladder.

Each course has a record time, which is set by any driver that belong’s to Forza Stage. This time will have to be verified by a Race Admin, and they either have to witness this time being set or see video proof submitted by the driver.

Here is an example of a home course belonging to one of the Forza Stage Districts. 



-Every team must belong to a District to be placed on the leaderboard 

- King Teams are the highest placed team on the leaderboard that belong to their respective districts.

- Team’s may not switch districts unless designated otherwise by admins.

-A team must run their district home course against an opponent team.

Click below to find out more about district’s.

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Team Registration

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