Nordschleife Nürburg, Germany


Track length 12.93 MI

The Nordseife is the ‘north loop’, one of the most demanding circuts in the world. Made legendary with races like the 24 hour’s of Nürburgring, it has also been open for public use since 1927. Manufacturers use the changing conditionsand distinctive turns to prepare their cars and quick times are often a source of bragging rights. 

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil


Track length 3.83 MI

With high-speed waterfront straights and tricky elevation shifts, Rio de Janeiro Circuit was build to test even the hardest of drivers. Narrow city street and tunnels will open up to mountain views, so paying attention to breaking zones is important.

Dubai Mountai, United Arab Emirates


Track Length 4.51 MI 

The first thing a driver notices about this road is how easily it can get covered up by the stark, beautiful desert that stretches out seemingly forever. The second is the blistering hear. Yet, despite the punishing sun and random road hazards, Dubai offers an unparalleled experience that beckons drivers who yearn for high speeds and challenging curves.

Virginia Grand West Alton, USA


Track Length 3.27 MI

In 1957, a group of men used a bulldozer to create one of the premier road courses in the United State’s. It is a host to number of American motorsport contests and is even used for NASCAR test sessions.